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4 Benefits of Wearing Silverware

What are the benefits of wearing silverware?
Wearing silverware is not only looks beautiful but also reflects the health of the human body.  The silverware will look more pretty and brighter when it was worn by a person who is more healthier.
So, Let’s take a look at the benefits to the human body of wearing silverware.


1. Reflecting the health status of the wearer
Because silver and a variety of substances produce chemical reactions leading to darkening, the ancients used this method to test if the food is poisoned. The healthy wearer’s silver is bright and the silver will darken when the body is unhealthy.
After the body becomes well, we brush the silverware with toothpaste and the silverware will restore its original state.

2. Sterilization, anti-inflammatory, anti-infection
Silverware can play a very good role in bactericidal and anti-inflammatory, which are experimentally verified. Naturally, it can promote the healing of the wound.


3. Purify water, antisepsis and keeping fresh
The ancestors have long discovered that silver can purify water. Now many swimming pools and drinking water use silver to purify water. This is because silver ions can form positively charged silver ions, which can adsorb bacteria on them, so that the enzymes on which the bacteria rely for breathing lose their function, making the bacteria unable to survive. Thereby achieving the purpose of purifying water quality, preserving and keeping fresh.

4. Beautiful
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