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Pandora Black Friday Charms-Summer Style

She Loves city life and perfect summer is all about “adventure, relaxation and plenty of sun” —especially travelling and going to festivals. In fact, loves fashion-pandora black friday charms,food and friends. packs sunglasses, a camera and a cute hat.




1.Spiritual Feathers Dangle Earrings 297205EN168

Tickle your sartorial fancy with these bohemian-inspired feather earrings. Symbolic of freedom, the delicate feathers are crafted from sterling silver and adorned with pretty heart details with hand-painted turquoise enamel.

2.Open Heart Ear Cuff 297214

Add the finishing touches to your look with this sterling silver earring cuff. Shaped as an open-ended heart, simply attach it to the top of your ear for instant attention-grabbing style.


She is busy planning her next adventure, like Italy this summer for gelato and pizza, and hopefully Bali later.She describes herself as “bubbly, enthusiastic and thoughtful” and her style inspiration comes from many sources: travelling, seeing new places, people, cultures.




3.Black Leather Choker Necklace & Feather Pendant 397197CBK

Reworking the choker for the new season, this black leather necklace is strung with an ethereal silver feather pendant. The transformative piece features an adjustable chain and clasp closure set with a flittering stone.

There are two silver balls on the chain. The one silver ball with the chain going through the middle, allows you to adjust the size. Simply slide the ball up and down the chain, until it shrinks or expands to your desired size.

You can choose these simple and generous combinations to increase your charm.

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